How Whiting Petroleum benefits from U3Exchange

About Client

Whiting Petroleum Corporation is an independent exploration and production company with an oil focused asset base. We are a top crude oil producer in North Dakota and operate substantial assets in northern Colorado. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we lead the industry with our competitive assets, commitment to safety, dedication to technology and
record-setting results. Whiting is a competitive company, with a strong, responsible plan to create long-term value.
Unit 3 Tech (U3) helps make our lives much easier by helping us integrate our software solutions. One of the main areas of software integration for us is with our ERP (BOLO). We have multiple third-party applications that we integrate with our ERP. Our initial project with Unit 3 Tech was to automate our AP Workflow solution (OpenInvoice). We would not be able to efficiently use OpenInvoice without the integration with BOLO, which U3 makes appear seamless. All master file information, like vendors, wells and projects, updates automatically, into OpenInvoice, which allows us to code invoices without the need for dual maintenance. The invoice information then feeds back to BOLO upon approval without any user intervention thanks to U3. As our business has evolved, we have had unique requirements, which U3 has continuously assisted with ensuring the additional data elements are fed between the systems. In addition to automating our AP Workflow solution, we also utilize Unit 3 Tech for our third-party payment processing solution. This process includes our Royalty payments and our AP payments (checks, ACH and virtual credit cards).
Unit 3 Tech’s, U3Exchange product handles the automation of these processes
in addition to the encryptions needed for security with our bank. Additional processes automated by U3Exchange include data synchronization with our Data Warehouse, automating workflow from our Purchase Order system and automating data with a third-party solution for electronic ticketing. I would be remiss if I did not also mention the customer service. In addition to ensuring the integration needs are met, U3 is always available to help us when we have questions or issues regardless of the hour. They always make us feel like we are their highest priority.
Amanda Stevens – Controller Operational Accounting